Jeff Cloutier was born in Chicago in 1977. Displaying talent for the visual arts at an early age, he expressed himself with early tools, being a Kodak 110 and Polaroid 600 cameras. He was educated at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and later relocated to Colorado Springs in 2006. Since his arrival, he has pursued photography as a fine art.

He has exhibited at many Colorado Springs galleries, as well as greater Colorado. His broad focus of work includes; architecture, urban cityscapes, alternative portraiture, landscapes and fashion. Jeff chooses to work primarily using black & white and color film used with his medium format camera. Hand developing films and printing using traditional darkroom techniques.

According to the artist:

“I value an artisan approach when working in the medium of photography. Taking my time, putting my heart and soul into my imagery. The darkroom also being an important tool provides me the ability to create a print that will last for several generations. And of course, knowing my work is well received by collectors brings me a sense of joy and accomplishment.”

Mr. Cloutier currently resides in Colorado Springs where he continues his love of photography.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey, I just find it cool because I’m researching on my family name and it just so happens to be that you and I are possible relatives because of our ancestors gave of plenty descendants (Cloutier). I also live in Colorado Springs as well and enjoy art, but more on the side of filmography.

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Thanks for your email. That is very possible. Im originally from the chicago area. How about you?

      Any information on grandparents or relatives?

      Thanks again for contacting me.


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