Building An Audience


It is difficult to break through the clutter of social media today. The internet is full of information which makes it hard to build an audience. How does one separate themselves from the herd?

With so many digital images plastered on the internet, the concept of publishing more books becomes much more important to me. I am focusing less on social media and increasing my efforts developing my own personal platform. Through my online portfolio and this blog I feel there will be more impact in the long-run.

Terminal 4x6

Displaying printed work in art galleries and participating in exhibitions is one more way of disconnecting from the norm of social media. The audience is forced to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor by viewing your finished printed work on a wall.

It is very challenging to demand a viewer on Instagram to pause and reflect on the work presented before them. Quickly scrolling and glancing down at a small screen to find something that catches their eye. There has to be more to the experience.


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