Black and White Wedding Photos

Here are a few black and white wedding shots I took recently. Developed the film (HP5), shot at
400 ISO in Ilford DDX developer. I am extremely pleased with the grain structure and overall appearance
of the film since I started using this developer.

I mostly carry one film stock around with me these days – HP5. This film and developer combination
allows me to set ISO from the native 400 ISO, all the way to 3200! Much better results than other developers
in my opinion.

These photographs were taken with a Mamiya C3, 80mm f2.8 and HP5.

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special day, give me a call or email. Btw, I don’t
shoot and spray like the others… You will end up with a couple dozen great shots capturing your special day. Oh and film, not digital. (I prefer the look of film.)

©2014 Jeff Cloutier20140825952

©2014 Jeff Cloutier20140825928

©2014 Jeff Cloutier20140825922

©2014 Jeff Cloutier20140825920

– Jeff


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