Hasselblad H3DII 31 vs Canon 7D

Canon 7D Full jpeg

Canon 7D 100% crop

H3DII-31 Full Jpeg

H3DII-31 100% cropHasselblad 80mm f2.8 HC on H3DII 31 megapixel camera.
Canon 7D 18 megapixel, fitted with Nikon-EOS adapter; Nikon Macro-Nikkor 55mm,f3.5 lens.

Canon was in manual focus, manual external metered studio flash system. H3DII auto focus, and a quick manual adjustment to assure what I wanted in focus, was so. External metered studio flash system.

Both shot at 100 ISO, f8 @1/125 sec. 7D shot in Canon RAW, Hasselblad in 3F.
Canon RAW processed in CS6. Hasselblad 3F converted in Phocus.
Both sized and exported in CS6, jpeg format.

Full jpegs and 100% crop to show detail.

Obviously there is a huge difference between the two cameras; cost and resolution. Among other technology differences as well.
I wanted to compare the two as a personal test. To see if 35mm sensors were anything close to medium format, 645 sensors.

Here are the shots for your own comparison. By the way, I have seen others compare Nikon/Canon full frame sensors to H3DII 31 sensors with similar results.

Overall, I am excited about the H3DII 31. With that much resolution and the price of the systems much more affordable, I might be in the market for one soon.

Enjoy the test results.


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