Building An Audience


It is difficult to break through the clutter of social media today. The internet is full of information which makes it hard to build an audience. How does one separate themselves from the herd?

With so many digital images plastered on the internet, the concept of publishing more books becomes much more important to me. I am focusing less on social media and increasing my efforts developing my own personal platform. Through my online portfolio and this blog I feel there will be more impact in the long-run.

Terminal 4x6

Displaying printed work in art galleries and participating in exhibitions is one more way of disconnecting from the norm of social media. The audience is forced to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor by viewing your finished printed work on a wall.

It is very challenging to demand a viewer on Instagram to pause and reflect on the work presented before them. Quickly scrolling and glancing down at a small screen to find something that catches their eye. There has to be more to the experience.


History: Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson

Pulitzer Prize Award recipient Bob Jackson will be displaying his work at Godec’s Photo Supply & GO-SEE Art Exhibition Venue on July 7th, First Friday Art Walk. The exhibit will be up through July.

Mr. Jackson will signing his new book “A Photographer’s Story” from 5 to 9 pm on July 7th. You will need to order a copy of the book before the signing. Please contact Godec’s Photo Supply for more information. 719-634-8833

GO-SEE Art Exhibition Venue

Photography Assignment

Here is a photography assignment for the weekend: choose your camera and one lens.


Ideally a 50mm lens. Determine your theme by choosing from one or more of the following –

  1. Think of a shape and commit to photographing that shape throughout the assignment.
  2. Choose one color and repeat through each image.
  3. Shoot at the same distance i.e., 3 feet, 6 feet etc…
  4. Photograph 6 male and 6 female subjects wearing different ethnic clothing styles.
  5. Photograph 10 cars spanning two decades.



Seeing Differently


In order to develop your own style or signature look it is very important to see differently. Photography is subtractive – opposite of painting which is additive. A sculptor chips away at the slab of rock revealing the work of art. Photography is all about chipping away at reality and revealing our own unique perspective on the world around us.

Using a single focal length lens, (i.e., 50mm or 90mm) will assist in reducing the amount of excess in your photos. Wide angle lenses will obviously be more difficult to reduce visual content that does not reference the main subject. Commit to one lens and practice, practice.


Gonzo Trip: Vol. I



Our first Gonzo Trip was very memorable. We trekked down to southern Colorado to visit the Comanche National Grassland for the day. Such a vast, wide open space. Makes you think about the settlers passing through and managing the climate and terrain.



The highway passing through Comanche National Grassland had very little traffic. So little, we took the time to stand out in the road and snap a few photos.




The prairie is wild, untamed and magical. Cattle graze and the wildlife run free. Birds flying, singing and catching grasshoppers. Walking across the field, with each footstep startles and grasshoppers leap and land to safety.




Grab your camera, friends and take a memorable trip when time allows. You won’t regret it.


Gonzo Trip: Vol. II



A while back, a couple of friends and I set out on our second Gonzo Trip. We headed towards the Great Sand Dunes early one morning before sunrise.

I got to thinking recently – it is very important to keep working on projects and most importantly, spend quality time with those you love and admire.

Time passes by quickly and before you know it – you are 40 years old. That is my case since I will turning the BIG 4 – 0 in December.

I’m not sure where time has gone, but I am certain that the remaining years will be full of love, travel and productivity.

Be sure to carve out time for those who are close to you.

Thanks to Allison for the wonderful image at sunset and to Robert for the great road shot. Trinite Jones – Image Craft

Workshop: Jeff Cloutier

jeff promo photo©2016JeffCloutier20161031_0191

Jeff Cloutier Workshop

Godec’s Photo Supply is proud to announce an intensive two day workshop with photographic artist Jeff Cloutier. This is a great opportunity to work along side with Jeff Cloutier and several nude models.

The two day workshop will be based at Godec’s Photo Supply in Colorado Springs and at various off-site locations. Each participant is required to bring a printed portfolio to share with Cloutier in order to focus on what is needed to reach the next level.

This workshop will assist in helping what Cloutier calls “writers block.” With the primary goal of “seeing” and “thinking” differently.

All great photographers establish their visual signature that is recognizable to the viewer. This workshop will suggest ways to open the creative “writers block” and provide important concepts to advance.

Statement from Jeff Cloutier:

The uniqueness of an artistic visual signature has to be studied, executed and monitored during the creative process of carving out your own visual style. Through our perception of the world as an artist, we can learn to announce our set of motifs and themes that will be carried throughout our careers. How we identify and understand these motifs and themes is the difference.

This two day course will examine these concepts.

COST $395 + model fees

Open to all photographers, but must have understanding of their camera system      operation and function.

To download the information, click here: Workshop 2017 Jeff